Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my WSP packet?

There are a few ways to return your Washington State Patrol background check packet. 

Is there a bus route for my MCEP student?


We are thrilled to have the co-op bus route back in action! Follow this link for further details!        

-BUSSING- and scroll to bottom of page

Do I have to attend the monthly meetings?


On the 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 PM of every month of the school year (Sept through May, no meetings in December)

Can my aunt volunteer in class?

YES! Absolutely! Any family member or friend can volunteer in class on your behalf, as long as they have already been approved as a volunteer with the Marysville School District. 

What is Jovial?

Jovial is a secure site that allows MCEP to collect necessary documents required for volunteering and driving during field trips.  It does hold some very basic information about your family - mailing address, contact information and birthday of your children. This information is only available to Teachers, Our two Co-Chairs, Parent Coordinator Team, Field Trip Team Lead and Parent Coordinator Team Lead (all elected by general membership).

Jovial is in no way connected to Marshall Elementary or the Marysville school district. 

When you change your information on Jovial, it does NOT make changes to your Marshall Elementary or District information. This, you will need to do at the school office. School employees do not use Jovial.

For more detailed information regarding Jovial, please go to the Filing Cabinet and scroll to Jovial.

Am I required to use Jovial?

Short answer - yes. This is how we obtain volunteer information. 

Longer answer- this can be case by case and not all information *must* be uploaded. Please contact your classroom parent coordinator if you are struggling with logging on, uploading, etc. The program is quite "user friendly" once you find your way around. 

For more detailed information regarding Jovial, please go to the Filing Cabinet and scroll to Jovial.

What do I do if I can't make my scheduled shift?

Teachers often rely on the parent volunteers to help with their daily groups, art projects and so much more. It is extremely important that each shift is covered. 

If you are unable to make your scheduled shift, you need to make the best possible attempt at finding a replacement. Often, you can trade shifts with another family or ask that someone fill in for you. 

If you are still unable to find someone to cover your shift, you need to notify both your teacher AND your parent coordinator as soon as possible. 

Regardless, you should always communicate this with your parent coordinator. 

Note: replacements must already be approved volunteers through Marysville School District.

How will my time be utilized on my work day?

During a typical volunteer day, parents can be found in our classrooms doing a wide variety of “jobs”, which can include tutoring students in the class, playing games, correcting papers, helping supervise recess, or anything else that the teacher might need a little extra help with.  If you have a special talent, you might even find yourself helping to teach the class a lesson.  There are also other opportunities to help out around the school.

What about Field Trips?

Field trips are an integral part of MCEP, providing students with a vast array of learning experiences not available in a classroom setting.  Students typically will go on one field trip each month, with some going on more from time to time. Teachers will schedule field trips based on their curriculum plan, in an effort to enhance the students’ understanding of particular areas of study.

What is required of me?

Attendance as a chaperone on two field trips is required, drivers are always needed but you are not required to drive.

Do I have to meet special requirements to be a driver on a field trip?

In order to be a driver on a field trip, volunteers must meet Marysville School District insurance requirements – at least $100,000/$300,000 liability insurance on the vehicle. All drivers must also obtain an abstract of their driving record.

What do I do if my child still uses a booster seat?

Parents with children under 4’ 9” are required to ride booster seat on field trips, even if they don’t ride in a booster seat in your care.  We ask for you to be responsible for making sure your child has one to use the day of the field trip. Current laws must be followed in regards to proper seat belt and booster seat use. Only adults may sit in the front seat.

Who do I ask if I have questions? 

You are never on your own at MCEP.  Please let us know if you have any questions, want to schedule a tour, or just want clarification.  Additionally, each class has a PC (Parent Coordinator) to walk you through the specifics of your grade.

If you are already enrolled, please contact your classroom Parent Coordinator. We do our best to answer your questions so our teachers can keep their focus on what's truly important, our kids!


How much time do I have to volunteer?

What is a MPA?

MPA is the Member Participation Agreement. These are the formal rules that outline your Rights and Responsibilities as a Co-op member.  The close involvement of parents in the Co-op necessitates formal rules and guidelines, as well as consequences for failure to meet commitments for field trips or class days. Your class Parent Coordinator (PC) or anyone here would be happy to help with any questions.

Filing Cabinet you can find other documents and information.

How much does it cost?

The suggested monthly donation is $20. These donations plus volunteer hours are what make the benefits of MCEP possible.  With crowd source funding and parent transportation, leading to more experiments, more exploring, and more growing outside of the classroom.

For more information on donations