School Details

Marshall Elementary School in partnership with 

Marysville Cooperative Education Program

4407 116th St NE, Marysville, WA 98271


In previous years, we had two bus routes for co-op kids outside the Marshall bussing zone. We are super excited to announce this is back! It looks a little different now, but what a blessing! At this time, we have just one bus that will travel from Marshall to Cedarcrest Middle school, then on to Tulalip Boys & Girls club, with a few stops in between.

PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that you arrive on time for both pick up and drop off, bus drivers can no longer wait for late arrivals. If you are not there to receive your child (or arrangements have been made), they will keep them on the bus and return them to Marshall. Sadly, this could mean your student will be on the bus for an additional hour before Marshall office staff will call you for pick up arrangements. We know this seems harsh, but with limited resources and extended bus route for an individual driver, they just can't make the extra accommodations.  


8:29 23rd AVE @ Old Tulalip Road

8:41 Tulalip Boys and Girls Club

9:00 Cedarcrest Middle School

9:06 State Ave @ 106th Pl NE

9:07 State Ave @ 109th Pl NE

9:10 Marshall Elementary


3:45 Marshall Elementary

3:54 Cedarcrest Middle School

4:07 23rd Ave @ Old Tulalip Rd

4:19 Tulalip Boys and Girls Club

4:37 State Ave @ 106th Pl NE

4:38 State Ave @ 109th Pl NE

***These times have not yet been updated to accommodate the new bell schedule for 2022-23***

Below is a map of the parking and car loop areas for Marshall Elementary pickup and drop off. 

Please note the two-lane merge that comes together as one single line along the curb. 

The outer, or left lane, is strictly for leaving the car loop or proceeding to the middle parking lot in between field and portables. 

DO NOT drop kids off in the left lane, all students should exit/enter the passenger side of the vehicle to/from the curb /sidewalk.