Hank Palmer

Fifth Grade


My name is Mr. Palmer.  I teach 5th grade here in the Marysville Cooperative Education Program.  I’ve been around for a while now and I’m pleased that they keep me!

I love the Co-op.  It’s different than other schools because I get the know the entire family.  This helps me help students learn.  Plus, it’s lots of fun having so many friends.  Not only is it nice to have parents around helping, but it’s really a great feeling to have other adults around most of the time.  The Coop is a family that is wonderful to be part of.

I’m fond of cats and old cars.  We have too many cats.  If you visited our house you’d have a warm lap and go home with a cat hair accentuated outfit.  Our house is decorated classic cat towers and toys so that cats can run high and low.  Our entire house is a cat play house! Shirley, Pierre, Toby, Gus, and Aurora love to entertain.

We also have a number of old cars.  On the weekends and over the summer you’ll find me in the basement or in the garage working on some kind of old contraptions.  It’s really satisfying to start with an old rusty bucket of bolts and turn it into a classic beauty.  Mrs. Bray (See 3rd grade) likes to call my cars old beaters, but come see for yourself.  You’ll like them.

At school, I really get into teaching.  Nothing is better than to borrow someone else’s kid for a day and watch them learn and grow as thinkers.  Reading, writing, engineering, science, math, whatever.  I love to see kids love to learn and have a great time doing it.I have a passion for and love to teach.  Come join our class and you’ll love it too.

See you around Marshall,

Hank Palmer

My Favorites...

My favorite thing for the classroom is having the parents help with math, reading, writing, and STEM. When parents are helping kids it’s a beautiful thing. I also really love kids who are not afraid to jump in and try something new even when they’ve never done it before. Kids like that are learners even when they know to learn from their mistakes.


For fast food I like SubWay. I’m a vegetarian, so a lot of restaurants are out for me, I never drink coffee or sugary drinks. Teriyaki is great. Pizza fantastic.

Day Savers

Low fat low salt crackers




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