Jerri Novy

Fourth / Fifth Grade

Hi there!  I absolutely LOVE teaching.  I look forward to my job every day.  I learn every day right along with my amazing students.  I have a passion for thinking about math and I enjoy a good brain challenging problem.  Recently I have been learning a lot about engineering and I had the opportunity to go to the University of Washington to learn from the experts.  In my class we do 3D printing, robotics, lots of great math thinking, read great authors and write lots.

I grew up in Lake Stevens with a passion for the outdoors, soccer, technology, and camping.  I started playing soccer in first grade and I still love the game. My family took many trips when I was younger and I carried on that excitement with my own family.

I have 3 kids that all went to MCEP, in fact, they were Know-it-alls themselves.  Nick, my oldest is studying at CWU to be a band teacher.  Maggie is studying at CWU and she is deciding between many amazing talents that she has.  Nate is a senior at MP and his passion is science.  My amazing husband and I love to travel in our boat.  Our favorite San Juan Island is Sucia!

My Favorites... and not so favorites

I hate snakes.

My favorite number is 22.

I love podcasts.

I used to play the trumpet.