Shawn Jenkins

Second Grade

Dear Students,


My name is Ms. Jenkins and I absolutely love teaching! I have taught for many years now, but I love it as much today as I did with my very first class of third graders in 1988. I have taught first, second, third, fourth and fifth grade, but never kindergarten. My favorite subject to teach is writing and one of my goals is to write a children’s book. I’ve already started the book!


I have a wonderful family that I spend all my time with. My oldest daughter is married to a really sweet man, and they have two beautiful daughters who are my sweet granddaughters. My son lives in beautiful Seattle and works at Audi of Seattle. My youngest daughter is at Western Washington University. She wants to become a teacher herself.  All three of my kiddos were students in MCEP and I even got to be their third-grade teachers. I also have two furry friends; my sweet kitties. Their breed is Tonkinese and you should google this to see what they look like. They are quite the entertainment around the house, especially when they steal my slippers or climb into grocery bags and get stuck.


Some of the things I enjoy besides teaching are reading just about anything and everything, writing stories and poetry, shopping for a good deal, eating healthy but also eating chocolate, collecting shoes, playing card games and board games like Backgammon and Sequence, watching soccer, playing badminton and tennis, watching movies and just being with my family. We love going to Leavenworth and Birch Bay, but our favorite place to be is Disneyland.  I love how happy everyone is in Disneyland, and I wish we could all live in this world seeing the good in things instead of the bad. In my class and in my life, I choose to think happy and I choose to be happy!


Mrs. Jenkins

My Favorites...


Honeycrisp apples and frozen grapes



Anything raw with Johnny’s seasoning salt





Children’s Book

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe



Pearl Harbor and The Hobbit















Huge Malt balls



Snuggling up by the fire with a book on a stormy day